• Common troubleshooting routines are below:

    Unable to export my design to other formats. Server unavailable message

    This could be caused by us maintaning the server or your network permissions. Please try the following steps:
    • In folder C:\Program Files (x86)\MayTec\MayCad\ or wherever May-CAD is installed find the file: framedesigner.exe and check the date of that file, it should be at least 31-03-2014 Also, check properties of the file, it has to have "Digital Signatures" tab. If the date is older or if there is no "Digital Signatures" tab, uninstall May-CAD and download a fresh one from here: DOWNLOAD
    • If the above does not help. Please verify with your IT department that your anti-virus or firewall allow access to http://maytec-cad.org/ and http://may-cad.org/ Even if you see the test page in your browser it does not mean that your network allows non-browser applications to access the site. This anti-virus/firewall issue is the most common reason for exports not to work. If after the "Server unavailable" message box is closed you see a short message containing "HTTP 500 error simply try the export again in a few seconds. Error 500 is raised when our server is busy.
    • If your network permissions are fine and the export is still not working, please contact us at one of the e-mail adresses below.
    • Some anti-virus companies do not let the software developers to "whitelist" the software, but they will act if their anti-virus users ask to whitelist certain programs and URLs. Please contact your anti-virus provider and ask them to run an audit and "whitelist" our software and sites. Thank you.

    MAY-CAD application fails to start after the installation

    Several reasons can affect MAY-CAD.
    • Ensure that you provide MAY-CAD application with the same network proxy settings as your web browser
    • Check if the following web URLs are allowed by your network/firewall/content filter/antivirus settings:
      • Allow access to: http://www.framexpert.com/ this is where the part database is located
      • Allow access to: http://www.maytec-cad.org/ this is the server that will process your export requests

    For assistance and online training please feel free to contact us:

    In Europe:
    Hotline: +49 (0) 8131 33 36 215
    Email: cad@maytec.de

    In North America (provided by FrameXpert Inc.):
    Hotline: 1-855-561-4610
    Email: support@framexpert.com