• Common troubleshooting routines are below:

    MayCAD crashes frequently and/or 3D geometry looks odd

    We had changed low level rendering algorithms and that improved application video performance by over 120%. However, some older hardware and some video drivers do not support all required functions. If you experience unstable MayCAD behaviour, follow the instructions related to "Legacy" version found on this PAGE

    Unable to export my design to other formats. Server unavailable message

    This could be caused by us maintaning the server or your network permissions. Please try the following steps:
    • In folder C:\Program Files (x86)\MayTec\MayCad\ or wherever May-CAD is installed find the file: framedesigner.exe and check the date of that file, it should be at least 31-03-2014 Also, check properties of the file, it has to have "Digital Signatures" tab. If the date is older or if there is no "Digital Signatures" tab, uninstall May-CAD and download a fresh one from here: DOWNLOAD
    • If the above does not help. Please verify with your IT department that your anti-virus or firewall allow access to https://maytec-cad.org/ and https://may-cad.org/ Even if you see the test page in your browser it does not mean that your network allows non-browser applications to access the site. This anti-virus/firewall issue is the most common reason for exports not to work. If after the "Server unavailable" message box is closed you see a short message containing "HTTP 500 error simply try the export again in a few seconds. Error 500 is raised when our server is busy.
    • If your network permissions are fine and the export is still not working, please contact us at one of the e-mail adresses below.
    • Some anti-virus companies do not let the software developers to "whitelist" the software, but they will act if their anti-virus users ask to whitelist certain programs and URLs. Please contact your anti-virus provider and ask them to run an audit and "whitelist" our software and sites. Thank you.

    MAY-CAD application fails to start after the installation

    Several reasons can affect MAY-CAD.
    • Ensure that you provide MAY-CAD application with the same network proxy settings as your web browser
    • Check if the following web URLs are allowed by your network/firewall/content filter/antivirus settings:
      • Allow access to: https://www.framexpert.com/ this is where the part database is located
      • Allow access to: https://www.maytec-cad.org/ this is the server that will process your export requests

    For assistance and online training please feel free to contact us:

    In Europe:
    Hotline: +49 / (0) 8142 / 6540 – 154
    Email: cad@maytec.de

    In North America (provided by FrameXpert Inc.):
    Hotline: 1-855-561-4610
    Email: support@framexpert.com